Are you looking for support and orientation in changing and stressfull times?
Are you struggling with energy consuming conflicts at home or at your work place?
Would you like to lead a successful happy life and build trusting and satisfying relationships



If yes, counseling might be worth considering.

How I can help


As certified Systemic Counseller and Mediator I offer professional help for individuals and couples who would like to make a change. 


In general, people come to my practise because of

  • unsettling and stressfull events in live
  • difficult or profound changes
  • conflicts within family, marriage or at work
  • personal development and career enhancement

Together we evaluate the current situation as well as the reason(s) they might got stuck. In many cases, that's advisable in order to understand one's own behavour and feelings as well as distructing patters. Rather than dwelling on perceived deficits and failings, we focus on individual ressources and opportunities for permanent change and improvement. 

What to expect


If you are interest in getting counselling we would start by arranging a personal meeting during which we get to know each other and discuss your issues and concerns. If you (and your partner) then decide to go forward with the process we would define the topics to be evaluated as well as frequency and duration of our meetings.


Of course, all contents discussed as well as your personal data are  subjected to professional secrecy.

You would like to arrange for a consultation or ask further questions?


Then I am looking forward to hearing from you by phone or email.


Counselling is, of course, also available online/via video.



Susanne Stibi

Systemic Counsellor (DGSF)  .  Mediator (Univ.) 



The two most important days in your life is the day

when you are born and the day when you find out why. 


 Mark Twain